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Karno Sound is built on years of industry experience at the very top level, uniquely in both business and technical areas of the audio industry. Karno Sound offers consultancy services for businesses within our expertise, specialising where a personal and professional touch is needed to succeed.

Sales, Marketing, Business Management

Karno Sound has a proven track record of building brands both domestically and internationally, with innovative creative ideas that separate your brand from the rest. We specialise in sales & marketing and management of small-medium businesses and have a data plus intelligence approach to what we do. We also have experience of implementing CRM and ERP systems that change the way your business works. We have in-roads into every market sector, know all the right people, with a speciality in Live events, Corporate and Theatre. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Technical Consultancy

Karno Sound combines decades of audio experience and has a superb network of industry professional experts in all technical requirements ranging from prestigious venues to stadiums to TV and to Racing Cars. Our team of specialists can deliver first class consultancy for every audio challenge you may face and pride ourselves on a detail-led approach to the way we work. Get in touch to meet the team and find out how we can help you.